Friday, December 26, 2008

This from the comments:

Here's a comment left by David Crumm (2 m's) under the previous post. Thanks David and we wish you and your's a Merry Christmas too:

"Wow! What a discovery!
I am David Crumm (2-ms) and my late brother (lost to cancer unfortunately) was Dr. Stephen Crumm. My other brother is John Crumm -- and my son, now studying international relations -- is Benjamin Crumm. My brother John got his masters of planning at University of Maryland and my daughter Megan Crumm is studying at a seminary in Washington D.C. -- so although we're based in Michigan we have lots of ties to D.C. and Maryland...

Merry Christmas from your (apparently) long-lost Crumm clan relatives. (My Dad the genealogist says the 1-m Crums are related to us -- but one particular Crum(m) after the Civil War claimed some land in Michigan and headed West from the eastern branch.)

Glad to discover you cousins!


Happy New Year!
-- David Crumm"

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Control Yourselves!

Typically, as a rule, I don't use exclamation points, ever. But this is one of those rare situations that deserves a sense of urgency... If you recieve a DVD (two DVDs to be exact), do not watch them yet! If you recieve a package and you do not live in Maryland, you may open it, but do not watch the DVDs yet! If you are in Maryland, do not open the package, even though there are DVDs in there, you can't watch them anyway! The reason others can open their packages is that some (Matt and Emily) are responsible for dispersing said DVDs to others (but still don't anyone watch them yet!) On Christmas Day, Maryland people may open their package, but do not yet watch the DVDs! It is very important that the DVDs are not viewed until the evening of Christmas Day! I recommend putting them someplace safe, like on a high shelf out of the reach of anyone who might try to sneak a view. Be sure to put a Post-it on the television, and another on the gallon of milk, and just to be safe a bright pink Post-it duct taped to your wrist. Then whenever evening on Christmas Day arrives (officially that would be 5:23 PM or 17:23 hours). Then and only then should you place the first DVD (either one will do) into the nearest DVD player. Make sure your televison is properly connected (and turned on) and sit down quietly, preparing yourselves for something really special...
Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas Burn

If you have not already gotten one, you can look for a CD in the mail soon. The 'Merry Burned Christmas 2008' is a mix that has nothing to do with Christmas (mostly because I don't like Christmas music). Here's a track to wet-your-whistle, though you will not actually find this artist or this track on the CD. Enjoy!

And now this completly different version:

Monday, December 15, 2008

Follow up...

Anyone considering what gift to buy for Jon this year may consider the following item (thanks to Mom for finding this one):

I especially like the explanation below the picture.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Greetings

Daniel, Michal, Zion and I go over to the Hogue's for dinner most Tuesday nights. Daniel loves playing with all the new toys and reading new books. His favorite book at their house is "Bum Pum Pum" (or, the Little Drummer Boy). This has now become his favorite song to sing. In fact, he often sings it over me when I try to sing any other song.

Daniel Peregrine - Little Drummer

More Photo Booth fun at the bcBlog

Monday, December 08, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Mustache

Here's a movie Nathan Alberson and I made over Thanksgiving Break. Hope you enjoy my mustache.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Christmas Gift Exchange

Up until a few years ago, when (almost) everyone would be home for Christmas, we had a gift exchange plan that worked well for our family. Names were exchanged the day after Thanksgiving, and each person bought a gift for one other brother or sister. But, the "exchange" did not work well when family members were excluded by distance or other Christmas plans. We (meaning I) decided that only those who would be present for Christmas should participate primarily so that the younger ones, especially, would have the joy of giving and receiving their gifts in person. Now that new families are sprouting and the youngest children at home are growing up, I think we need a new Christmas gift exchange plan.

A friend told me that in her family there is a rotation plan. Each individual (or family) buys for one other individual (or family) each year--that remains the same as our plan. But the schedule is set in advance; there is no secrecy. Peter and Jess, for example, would buy a gift for Matt and Emily the first year, Ben and Michal the second year, Jon the third year, and on around the family until they had bought a gift for each other brother and sister (or family). This plan would allow everyone to participate without a burden on anyone. It also opens up a greater possibility of hand-made gifts that might take longer than a month to complete. Every family member could add creative touches to the gift.

Since we have already exchanged names for this Christmas, I am proposing that we begin the new plan with Christmas 2009. The list would be published at the beginning of January. So....please consider this proposal and respond with any queries, addenda, suggested modifications, or a simple thumbs up or down. Thanks.